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American African Heritage

The Courage that Lies Beneath

Martin Luther King once said, “We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers” (Carson 23). This quote seems to be one in what Hughes and Sanchez want to address in their poems.

北美代写,论文Essay代写,网课代修,Exam代考Throughout history, African Americans struggle with racial segregation, slavery and continual quest for freedom. This constant discrimination seldom makes the “Negros” proud of their heritage. However, two powerful writes of Afro-American literature have come to realize that black heritage is vital and important, thus need to be respected and cherished. Langston Hughes “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” and Sonia Sanchez’s “An Anthem” are good examples of poems that paved way for black s to proudly celebrate and appreciate their heritage. Both poems were written by African American writers standing as Afro- American’s representatives to gain peace and freedom. These poems urge blacks to value their heritage, be proud and hope that their dreams may come true. It also gives us insight into the lives of African Americans in the 90’s when segregation, constant ignorant and denial right of the “Negros” were enforced. Interestingly, Hughes is the corner stone (influence) in Sanchez’s writing about blacks (Kelly) because he was the first black voice to be hard in America, writing about Black experience and History. Despite certain structural and semantic differences, the poems, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes and “An Anthem” by Sonia Sanchez are in one in uplifting the spirits of the black people who have been victims of discrimination for the past decades.

As one goes over the poems, certain details would suggest that these are two unlike poems but vital elements like its image, tone, symbolisms and its theme seem to be unified.

Aside from being known as writers that advocate the rights of the African-American people or the blacks in general, it is quite evident that their poems are dedicated to the black people who have lost their senses in the midst of the clamor for equal treatment in a world, which was dominated by the white people. Certain details in the poems refer to the black people in a highly significant manner that empowers the way one must look at these people. The poems of Hughes and Sanchez did not use the word black in referring to the people but they used points of references that trace the root of the people. Hughes refers to these people as the people who “built my hut near the Congo” (line 5) while Sanchez refers to them as people who “are like Shango” (line 28) who is an African god that was venerated by the people of Nigeria.

Hughes traces back to the history of African Americans and acknowleges the different black society that existed since history even though they often go unnoticed. “I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older that the flow of human blood in human veins” (line2). He uses rivers to speak of black history and memories of captured slave. Likewise Sanchez who used rivers to demonstrate the African culture and pride for existence. “We are secret rivers/ with shaking hips of crests” (line 12-13). Both poets recognize the rivers as path of African society and civilization.

北美代写,论文Essay代写,网课代修,Exam代考Just like the quote by Martin Luther King, these poems call for the African American people who have been victims of repression. If Martin Luther wants everyone to be one as brothers, the poems speak in such a way that it calls for the black people to be one in its endeavors to be at peace or to be on the same plane as that of the other people in the world. Since the black people have been victims of repression, the poems call for these people to know their essence and their greatness so that they may be able to push themselves to rise to the ranks that they deserve just like any other people in the world.

According to Edward Sullivan, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” seems to be highly historical in such a way that it insinuates the roots of the black people as something deep and established through time. The metaphorical use of the river amplifies the greatness of the black people that was marked at the beginning of time and should continue on as how the rivers flow.

北美代写,论文Essay代写,网课代修,Exam代考Sonia Sanchez’s “An Anthem” provided a different approach as it is more direct in its tone and its theme. Her words speak directly of how great black people are by presenting ironies that emphasize the essence of every African American or any black person. She asks African Americans to celebrate their heritage, have courage and fight for peace as they are people who deserve dignity in the society. Sanchez is an icon where the racial self may be heard, affirmed, and strengthened justified by her sense of justice and her legacy of love, Sanchez stands as an inspiration, an example of what it means to survive a troubled world. Sanchez has great value for her heritage and Culture while Hughes has a strong sense of racial pride and heritage.

Sanchez’s poem emphasis peace and courage in other to obtain peace. “We are people made of fire/we walk with ceremonial breaths/we have condemned talking mouth” (line 4-6). Sanchez proclaims the blacks as winners even though they are being labeled as “losers’”, and they also condemned inequality and slavery and it is time for blacks to be free. Hughes emphasis similar freedom when Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery by signing the Emancipation act of 1960 since slavery was still legal and enforced in the south. To Sanchez and Hughes, this was a moment of freedom for the black people. Hughes said, “I heard the singing on Mississippi when Abe Lincoln went down to/New Orleans….” (Line 7). After this, came the civil right movement, since black had no civil right rather they were slaves left to suffer.

Both poems utilized various symbolisms that serve to uplift the African Americans so that they would be reminded that they were not born in the world as mere slaves. Hughes made certain references to the contribution that these people made for the great pyramids of Egypt as well as by being a major witness to the unfolding of the history of the United States of America. “I looked upon the Nile and raised the raised the great pyramids above it” (line 6). Sanchez also noted that discrimination and segregation of the blacks existed, yet it was ignored and nothing was done to stop it. “For the world is split wide open/ and you hide your hands behind your backs/ for the world is broken into little pieces/ and you beg with thin cups for life” (line 16-19). Here we can see that the people are begging for peace, stability, freedom and hope for life so they can leave to see another day.

Although Sanchez shared the same thoughts as to that of Hughes, Sanchez became more direct in saying that the black people are not just ordinary people as for Sanchez they are “more than hunger and music… color and drums… anger and dance…” (Line 20-23).

With all these lines, both poems speak of the empowerment of the black people as brothers who should fight for equality. Different rivers that should empty in the same bank and a prayers for strength to ensure through hard time, and eventually embrace freedom. After all both poems emphasize peace, freedom, history and hope for African Americans.

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馬丁·路德·金曾經說過,“我們已經出動了,像鳥兒在空中,像魚游過海,但還沒有學會走路像兄弟一樣的地球” (卡森23日)簡單的行為。這句話似乎是在休斯和桑切斯要解決他們的詩之一。
縱觀歷史,非裔美國人與種族隔離,奴役和不斷追求自由的斗爭。這個常數歧視很少的“內格羅”他們的遺產感到自豪。然而,兩個強大的美國黑人文學中寫道,已經認識到,黑色的遺產是關鍵和重要的,因此需要得到尊重和珍惜。蘭斯頓·休斯的“黑人談河流”和索尼婭·桑切斯的“國歌”的詩就是很好的例子,鋪平了道路黑色S自豪地慶祝,并欣賞他們的遺產。兩詩寫站在美國黑人的代表爭取和平與自由的非洲裔作家。這些詩敦促黑人珍惜他們的遺產,值得驕傲和希望,他們的夢想成真。它也讓我們見識到非裔美國人的生活在90年代被強制隔離,恒定的無知和拒絕權的“內格羅” 。有趣的是,休斯(影響力)在桑切斯的寫作黑人(凱利)的基石,因為他是第一個黑人的聲音是很難的,在美國,寫黑的經驗和歷史。盡管有一定的結構和語義差異,詩, “黑人談河流”蘭斯頓·休斯的“國歌”由索尼婭·桑切斯是一個振奮精神,誰在過去的幾十年里一直受到歧視的黑人。
除了被稱為主張權利的非洲裔人或一般的黑人作家,這是很明顯的,他們的詩都致力于黑衣人已經失去了理智,在一片喧囂聲中,平等待遇一個世界,這是由白色的人為主。在詩歌中的某些細節是指在一個非常顯著的方式,授權的方式,一定要看看這些人的黑衣人。休斯和桑切斯的詩沒有用這個詞指人的黑色,但他們使用的參考點跟蹤根的人。休斯是指這些人的人誰“建立我的小屋附近的剛果” ( 5號線) ,而桑切斯是指誰“像Shango ” (第28行)的人誰是非洲人民所崇敬的神尼日利亞。
休斯追溯非裔美國人的歷史和不同的黑色,因為歷史存在,即使他們往往被忽視的社會acknowleges 。 “我知道作為世界古河流及以上,人體血液的流動在人脈” ( 2號線) 。他利用河流捕獲的奴隸黑人歷史和回憶說。同樣,桑切斯利用河流,以展示非洲文化和驕傲的存在。 “我們是秘密的河流/抖胯波峰” (第12-13行) 。這兩個詩人認識河流作為非洲的社會和文明的路徑。
據愛德華·沙利文, “黑人談河流” ,在這樣一種方式,它影射的根源,黑種人深層的東西,并通過建立時間似乎是高度的歷史。利用河流的比喻放大的黑色被標記的人,在剛開始的時候,應該繼續作為河流流量的偉大。
桑切斯的詩強調和平和勇氣獲得和平。 “我們是人民的火/ ,我們走路禮儀呼吸/大家紛紛譴責說話的嘴” ( 4-6號線) 。桑切斯宣布黑人贏家,即使它們被標記為“失敗者” ,他們也譴責不平等和奴役,這是黑人自由的時間。休斯強調類似的自由,當亞伯拉罕·林肯簽署了“解放奴役行為, 1960年以來,廢除了奴隸制仍然是合法的,并在南部執行。桑切斯和休斯,這是一個自由的時刻,黑衣人。休斯說, “我聽說當林肯去密西西比歌唱/新奧爾良......” ( 7號線) 。在此之后,來到民權運動,因為黑色無民事權利,而他們是奴隸,左挨。
這兩個詩歌利用各種象征意義,有助于提升非洲的美國人,使他們提醒的是,他們并沒有出生在世界當作奴隸。休斯取得了一定的貢獻,這些人的埃及大金字塔,以及一名主要證人被展開的歷史美利堅合眾國。 “我看了后,尼羅河,并提出它上面提出偉大的金字塔” (6號線) 。桑切斯還指出,黑人的歧視和隔離存在被忽略,但它并沒有什么做的目的是阻止它。 “對于世界被分成了廣泛的打開/隱藏你的雙手放在你的背影/世界被分成一小塊一小塊/你求我的生命薄杯” ( 16-19) 。在這里,我們可以看到,人們乞求和平,穩定,自由和生命的希望,這樣他們就可以離開看到新的一天。
,雖然桑切斯共享同樣的想法休斯,桑切斯變得更直接的說,黑衣人不是普通的人桑切斯,他們“更比饑餓和音樂...顏色和鼓...憤怒和舞蹈...... ” (線路20-23 ) 。
克萊伯恩卡森。馬丁·路德·金華納圖書的自傳: NY , 1998 。
沙利文,愛德華。 “慶祝蘭斯頓·休斯。 ” 2007年12月6日<http://www.ala.org/ala/booklinksbucket/langstonhughes.pdf> 。



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