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thesis format Year 4 Research Project Context  In response to the need to re-direct the nature and format of the final year research project in the near future, the purpose of this proposal is to suggest an amended model of the current thesis format as an interim strategy. Further, it is anticipated that a re-design of the fourth year research process will occur (to be discussed at a later date) and re-focus the efforts of students to more applied research scenarios. The central tenets and aspirations of the proposed change include: i. Maintain certain elements of the current thesis format that are familiar to both students and staff; ii. Ensure a level of continuity in the process of conducting and supervising undergraduate research; iii. Avoid the issue of staff supervising (and over-supervising) a cohort of students with diverse research topics ; iv. Allowing control over the range of topics to be researched; v. Introduce, albeit in a minor fashion initially, the use of co-ordinated group work which, it is anticipated will be a design characteristic of the ‘New Model’ in the future;vi. Allow the option for staff to suggest topics of interest that would serve as a basis for students to research and generate a knowledge base and research profile ;vii. To highlight to students the need to take ownership and responsibility for the work they undertake; viii. Offer the possibility to co-author or even present material at conferences if circumstances allowed (e.g. time, resources, opportunities to do so etc..)Proposed New Structure – Year 4 Research Project (10 ECTS)Keeping in mind the essence of the undergraduate research programme at the College, and without diluting the integrity of the process, the following model is conjectured as an alternative interim approach to managing the thesis process for this academic year:Marks Breakdown out of 100%:- Research Project Proposal: 10%- Literature Review: 15%- Research Methodology: 10%- Soft-bound Copy of Research Project (x 3): 15%- Group Presentation: 50% of which: Poster Element = 25% & Oral Presentation = 25%[Overall project word age approximately 6,500 words]Finer Details of Amended Model  Thesis is provided by UK thesis base  a) A Range of possible topics voluntarily offered to students that could reflect the interests of staff or areas of expertise.

論文格式4年的研究項目背景需要重新定向的性質和格式的最后一年的研究項目,在不久的將來,此建議的目的是表明當前的論文格式的修​​正模型,作為一項臨時戰略。此外,預計重新設計的第四年的研究過程中,會發生(在以后的日子將要討論的),并重新努力集中更多的應用研究情況的學生。建議更改的核心原則和愿望包括:i。保持當前的論文格式,熟悉的學生和工作人員;的某些元素。確保連續性的水平,在這個過程中進行和監督本科研究; III。監督(和監督),隊列中的學生有不同的研究主題; IV,避免工作人員的問題。允許控制權主題的范圍進行研究;訴介紹,雖然最初在未成年人的時尚,利用協調小組工作,預計在未來將是一個設計特征的“新模式”;六。允許工作人員的選項,建議感興趣的話題,將作為學生的基礎研究產生的知識基礎和研究概況;七。要突出學生需要采取所有權和他們所承擔的工作責任; VIII。合著者提供了可能性,甚至是目前的材料在會議上,如果允許的情況下(如時間,資源,機會,這樣做等。)建議的新架構 - 4年的研究項目(10學分)牢記的精髓本科在該學院的研究計劃,并沒有稀釋的過程中的完整性,下面的模型推測作為一種替代臨時的方法來管理本學年論文過程:商標擊穿了100% - 研究項目建議書:10% - 文學評論:15% - 研究方法:10% - 軟綁定復制的研究項目(×3):15% - 集團呈報的50%,其中:海報元= 25%&口頭報告= 25%[項目總體字年齡約6500字]修正模型論文的細節是由英國論文基地)自愿,它能夠反映員工的利益或專業領域的學生提供了一系列可能的主題。



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