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Dissertation Proposal Example A: Draft title: Innovation in Chinese Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry: Investigation into FK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.1. Introduction According to the previous studies, innovation has great contribution to business success and competitiveness of organizations. Literatures indicated that more innovative firms perform better. For many companies competitive advantage is gained and maintained through innovation. However, according to some literature review, the gap between the Chinese and global pharmaceutical sectors has widened in recent years. The lag attributes to the lack of innovation in the Chinese pharmaceutical company. In this paper, the investigation into a Chinese medium pharmaceutical company—FK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. where I had worked for ten years will be done to explore why Chinese pharmaceutical companies lack of innovation? What are the innovation issues in a medium Chinese pharmaceutical company? How can a medium Chinese pharmaceutical company become more innovative?2. Background In the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, the firms whose the original value of production uses fixed asset exceed 500 million Yuan RMB and above are called large firms, otherwise are called medium or small firms. According to this criteria, FK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a large company, which is one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China in terms of total value of asset, it is located in [....], founded in [...]. In 2002 it was reformed into a corporation with a variety of shareholders. Over more than 40 years FK is steadily growing. It started from a single product to its current product ranges more than 15 products. Though FK developed a lot in the past years, the more and more competitive markets make it face many difficulties in its business. The core product faces the higher competition than ever before in the market. Improving the innovation ability, develop new products is a crucial issue for its substantial and continuous development. However, today, as most of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies, the improvement of innovation is the big challenge of FK.3. Literature review 3.1 The definition of innovation:According to West and Farr (1990), innovation refers to intentional introduction and application of ideas, processes, products and designed which can significantly contribute to the benefits of group, organisation or society.The definition of innovation described by Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) is "innovation consists of all those scientific, technical, commercial and financial steps necessary for the successful development and marketing of new or improved manufactured products, the commercial use of new or improved processes or equipment or the introduction of a new approach to a social service. R&D is only one of these steps" (OECD, 1981, pp. 15-16 cited in Simmie, J., 2007)  3.2 The importance of innovation Deakins & Freel (2006) suggest that innovation makes a contribution to business success or firm's competitiveness. Many innovative firms perform better than those less innovative firms (Tidd, J. et al, 2001).According to a new report given by the National Research Center for Science and Technology for Development, the gap between the Chinese and global pharmaceutical sectors has widened in recent years (Li, Z.J., 2008).

論文開題例:草案標題:中國醫藥制造業產業創新:調查FK藥業有限公司1。介紹,根據以往的研究,創新有很大的貢獻,企業的成功和競爭力的組織。文獻表明,更多的創新型企業有更好的表現。對于許多公司來說,通過創新獲得競爭優勢并保持。然而,根據一些文獻綜述,中國和全球制藥部門之間的差距已經擴大在最近幾年。的滯后屬性缺乏創新的中國制藥公司。在本文中,中國中醫藥公司FK藥業有限公司,我曾十年的調查工作將探討為什么中國藥企缺乏創新?在一個中型的中國制藥公司的創新問題是什么?中國中等制藥公司如何才能變得更具創新性?2。在中國醫藥行業背景的企業,其生產使用的固定資產的原始價值超過500萬元人民幣及以上的稱為大型企業,否則被稱為中型或小型企業。根據這一標準,FK藥業有限公司,是一家大公司,這是前100名制藥企業在中國的總資產價值的方面之一,它坐落在[...],[創立。 ..]。在2002年,它被改造成團與各種股東。在超過40年FK穩步增長。它開始從單一的產品,目前的產品范圍超過15個產品。雖然FK開發了很多在過去幾年中,越來越有競爭力的市場,其業務面臨著許多困難。核心產品面臨著比以往更高的競爭在市場。提高創新能力,開發新產品是其實質和持續發展的一個關鍵問題。然而,今天,大多數中國醫藥企業,改進創新是大挑戰FK.3。文獻回顧3.1創新的定義:據西和Farr(1990),創新是指在有意引入和應用思路,流程,產品和設計,可以顯著促進組的好處,組織或社會。定義創新經濟公司和發展組織(OECD)的“創新包括所有的科學,技術,商業和金融的成功開發和營銷新產品或改良生產的產品,新的或改進的過程或設備的商業用途的必要步驟或引入社會服務的一種新的方法。研發這些步驟只有一個“(OECD,1981年,第15-16頁中提到,2007年,J. Simmie)3.2創新迪金斯Freel的重要性(2006)建議創新業務成功或企業的競爭力做出貢獻。許多創新型企業有更好的表現比那些缺乏創新的企業“(TIDD,J.等人,2001)。根據一份新的報告由國家科學和技術促進發展研究中心,中國及全球制藥行業之間的差距已經擴大近年來(李鈞,2008)。



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