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本文將探討管理變革。從長遠來看,變革是促進整個世界發展的積極事物。然而,變化的過程可能是一件艱難的事情。現在,新事物迅速出現,為了適應新的形勢,人們需要接受變化,尤其是政府和管理的變化,這將影響一個國家或一個產業的和諧與繁榮。本文將以外交和貿易部的變化為例,說明變化會因阻力而不同,不成熟的計劃也會導致失敗。   變革是推動進步和發展的動力。它有助于建立創新和創新的回報更高的生產力和效率的組織內。變革領導促進和積極支持創新和創新。思想觀念的轉變在每一個行業都是重要的(Kotter,2007)。新西蘭外交和貿易部的首席執行官John Allen在2008年贏得了足夠的席位后不到一年,當時,全球金融危機開始了。因此,公共服務的變革和貨幣價值的控制是最重要的問題。以全球背景下考慮,在多源性房性心動過速的管理應該是發展變化的,尤其是領導和管理,公司的戰略和目標,部。   本文結合外交部和貿易部的變化情況分析研究領導變革的文獻。它主要闡述變化的必然趨勢,其原因電阻在變化的過程中,如何處理它,和艾倫更好的管理提出了一些建議性。通過案例研究,人們可以看到阻力在變化中的作用,在領導者實施變革時要特別注意。


This paper will deal with change in management. Change is a positive thing which promotes the development of the whole world in the long run. However, the processes of change can be a tough thing. Nowadays, new things emerges rapidly, in order to adapt to new situations, people need to accept change, especially change in government and management which will influence the harmony and prosperity of a country or an industry. This paper will take change at the ministry of foreign affairs and trade as an example to illustrate that change can be different because there will be resistance against it, and immature plan can also contribute to a failure.    Change is the power to drive improvement and development. It helps to build creativities and innovations which in return contribute to higher productivity and efficiency within an organization. Changing leadership promotes and actively supports creativity and innovation. The ideas of change are important in every industry (Kotter, 2007). John Allen, Chief Executive of the New Zealand ministry of foreign affairs and trade, arrived less than one year after the national party won enough seats in 2008, at that time, global financial crisis began. So the plan of change in public service and control of value of money were the most important issues. Take the global context into consideration, the management in MFAT should be changed and developed, especially leadership and management, vision, strategy and purpose of the ministry.   This paper links the analysis of the case of change at the ministry of foreign affairs and trade to research literature of leading change. It mainly demonstrates evitable trend of change, the reasons of resistance in the process of change and how to deal with it, and some suggestions of better managing resistance for Allen has been presented. Through the case study, people can seen the role of resistance in change, and special attention should be paid when leader implement change.




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